I started to experiment ceramics around the first half of the Sixties, upon my return from Paris, where I visited the great exhibition dedicated to Picasso’s eightieth birthday. Even if well aware of his works, I was shocked by his vases. This discovery prompted me to confront myself with that new form - new to me - to mould shapes, without the preoccupation and the weight of tradition.

Through ceramics, among other matters, I am able to search myself and it is only by means of an inner journey that I get to the creative act, ignoring the formalisms and needs of classical production or of the exasperated search of contemporaneity. It is with great nonchalance that I switch from dish to vase, from bas-relief to painted tile and again to sculpture, thus experimenting all sorts of techniques, like majolica, engobe, graffito, the application of coloured glass or other types of fragments that may, each time, be more suitable to express my inner world.