Architecture is about understanding the environment, extracting from the environment the essence of its own nature. Being an architect is to amplify the suggestions of a place. An architect is a person with an intuition, but not a calculating one; a person who does not care for power, a person who rather thinks of space, of light. One can make architecture through control over little things, with an eye towards proportion and dimension. If a work of architecture is beautiful, the connection with the land is immediately perceptible. With the passing of time one realizes that the site it was built on has taken possession of that work.

There are certain old farmhouses, very simple and sometimes plain ugly, which indeed become very beautiful if seen in their own environment, because they permeate with dust from the land and become a whole with their environment. Some modern houses are instead horrible, especially those new country houses where the farmer wants to imitate the city-dweller and where the sense of reality is lost. Reality is not plant engineering; before solving problems, you must learn – and this is done by the sculptor – how to analyse themes, how to think of what you are doing.

The concept of my architecture as well as of my art does not consist in being good, in self-celebration: I do not think that the artist should be “bravo”, but rather express his own sentiment.