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The Casa dell’Upupa (the Hoopoe House) meetings originated in 2004 – the result of a long-time association between the sculptor Ilario Fioravanti and the Balestra brothers, Flaminio and Massimo. Their goal was to create a cultural alternative aimed at recuperating the interaction among human beings, a place where people could have the possibility to freely confront and know each other without having to abide by the strict formalities often found in today’s society. The overwhelming response from the public and the growing interest shown by attendees lead these series of meetings to be replicated three years in a row. Every series is divided into a Fall and a Spring cycle, each offering three meetings.

The extraordinary setting of Ilario Fioravanti’s house-studio – where the talent of the architect and the sensibility of the sculptor met to bring back to new life a marvellous olive mill located “within the village walls, between the two arches” – also serves as the site of a permanent and ever-changing exhibition of the artist’s works.

Ilario Fioravanti’s works, taken directly from daily life, do not disappear after the first glance, instead they leave a mark in the observer’s eye as if they were living forms.

Vittorio Sgarbi, during his visit to the impressive and unforgettable 1996 exhibition hosted by the Tito Balestra Foundation in Longiano, remarked: “Fioravanti makes our bodies unreal, his more lifelike in clay than ours in flesh”.

The generous hospitality of Ilario Fioravanti and his wife Adele made it possible to create such events, much awaited and often demanded by a large and heterogeneous public, thus guaranteeing a continuity in the years to come.